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Growing Up Black In America Without Experiencing Racism

Is it possible to grow up Black in America without experiencing racism? You’ll find out by watching this entire video.

Shenteria Marie is a professional voice over actress. She is also an author who has written "Growing Up Black In America Without Experiencing Racism - A New Reality and Hope For The Future." Find her at

Kingsley Hugh Smith from and interviews Shenteria for our 2019 Black History Month project.

Throughout African American history Black people have dealt with the undeniable stigma of racism. How much is different today? Shenteria reveals what she describes as ''a culmination of facts, truths, solutions, and my own personal experiences'' saying ''I hope these words cause a stir in you so that you begin using your voice for change as well."

This conversation took place using Skype on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 a few days before the Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Medical School yearbook racism photo controversy exploded. Institutional racism in the USA is no secret. Racism has always been a part of America. There may always be a bigot among us. Despite this reality, Shenteria reveals her personal experience along with her roadmap for change.